All recent Daffodil releases are listed here, along with several historical releases. Each release below is listed by the version and date on which it was released. Clicking on the version number will take you to the release notes and downloads for that release.

Apache Releases

No official Apache releases have been made yet. Get involved and help us on our way!

Pre-Apache Releases

All releases below are from prior to Daffodil's acceptance into the Incubator. They are not Apache Software Foundation releases, and are licensed under the NCSA license.
Version Summary Release Date
2.0.0 Support for unparse, with one-to-one feature parity with parse 2017-09-05
1.1.0 Unparse support for simple text data formats 2015-06-04
1.0.0 Parse support for most features of the DFDL specification 2015-03-02